7 Wholesale Distribution ERP Software

The distributive application is an app designed to manage all distribution activities in a business.

The distribution activities involved administering orders, monitoring market prices, shipping goods, billing, and so forth.

The distributive application is also known as DMS (stressed management system).

The application is started digitally so that it can minimize any mistakes that are usually caused by employee negligence.

Understandably, businesspeople always search for the best distribution applications.

One of the advantages of applications for distributors is increasing business functionality to a higher level.

More specifically on this, consider the following software forecasting.

Distribution understanding

A distribution application is a software for managing all the sales activities of a company.

His online activities include booking management, monitoring market prices, shipping of goods, and billing. The distributor application is also known as DMS (stressed management system).

Let’s discuss further so we can select the best distribution applications for your business.

Benefits distribution software

The main advantage of distribution applications is to increase sales and company profits.

As for another benefit of the distributive application, is:

  • Minimize faults (human error)
  • Real-time data and analysis
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Monitor all business activities
  • Improving employee relations
  • Manage your tasks efficiently
  • Project management becomes tidy

Best distribution software recommendation

There are different types of distributed software with different features. The following is the best distribution software recommendation in Indonesia.


SimpliDots, a cloud based software management that paints the dots.

This distribution management system is accessible through the smartphone.

This application for distribution allows you to manage business distribution easily from sales, purchases, delivery, accounting, stock, sales, routes to data analysis.

Here are some of the highlights features on the unified dots distributor application:

  • Sales feature: it facilitates sales performance with ordered data, delivery records, and organized collections. With this feature, users can also monitor sales targets and track salesmen’s positions in real time-time.
  • Business intelligence: users can make decisions faster and precisely with data analysis on reports feature, master data, wastedelivery, and a history of sales orders transactions.
  • Shopping features: simple business transactions in one application; The price of payments, the amount of payments, the dynamic payment payment, the multiwarehouse delivery, and so on.
  • Delivery and stock: display the list of stocks, incoming and outgoing transactions, transfer of stock, enhanced adjustments and movements, management of the route, daily journey plan, and direct tracking.


Megaventory is a cloud-based discretionary application that helps handle order management and inventory issues.

The megaventory management features help you manage sales orders from customers, as well as purchase orders from suppliers.

Features offered by these software management features are as follows:

  1. Running errands,
  2. Manufacturing management,
  3. Invoice manufacturing,
  4. Reporting, etc.


This application is an application with full essential features for your business distribution system.

Qontak. com is the best sales partner app in Indonesia. Below are features of qactive.com:

  • Sales tracking: users can see all the stages in initial sales processes.
  • Warehouse management: users can manage products automatically into inventory management systems.
  • GPS tracking: presents real-time data related to time, location, checking and check-out sales power offline or no Internet connection.
  • Take-order: order can be input without requiring Internet connection and automatically stored.


This cloud-based distribution application USES Microsoft azure to downplay sales processes. Users can use this application in any browser, any device, anywhere.

Features of this sales management software are:

  • Inventory and financial management
  • CRI
  • Command management, pricing and purchasing
  • Production warehouse and control
  • Service and maintenance Settings


A cloud-based application created specifically for a small-to medium-scale online business.

This distributor app allows you to manage an unlimited number of product databases.

You can also determine the various attributes of a product, such as: weight, size, color, ingredients, and so forth.

Features of these software management features:

  • Inventory management and order,
  • Price and purchase deals,
  • Customer relations management,
  • Point of sale,
  • Marketing, et cetera.


Entree is an erp on-premise solution designed for food distributors.

The application offers functionality for inventory management, truck perutean, sales management and reporting, and is suitable for full line distributors, and distributors who specialize in the distribution of cheese, meat, milk, and seafood.

Features offered by entree are as follows:

  • Inventory control
  • Invoice process
  • Accounts receivable
  • Purchasing
  • Dashboards


IcePortal is a distribution application equipped with a library of digital assets to organize, search, and access media content.

You can also add, edit, or delete assets, update tags, and add descriptions.

Features owned by IcePortal among them:

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Content Management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Customizable Templates
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • SEO Management


A distribution application is a software that can automate and assist the activities of sales of a company. Its activities are order management, the monitoring of goods, deliveries and so forth.

If you are interested in using wholesale distribution erp software, then you should find a suitable choice distribution application for your company.

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