6 Best ERP for Shopify

The enterprise resource planning program is particularly helpful to a business for managing activities such as finance, production, sales, hr, projects, and so forth.

Even the best erp programs in Indonesia vary. Regardless of which the company USES the best erp programs to support business services.

Using the best erp programs, of course companies will find it very easy to manage business in real time and with precision.

In addition, the erp program may also assist companies in collecting all data of transactions originating from different sources and in keeping them neatly as an official database of the company.

Specifically, you could read the following best erp for shopify.

Indonesia’s best erp program for business growth

Below are some of the most familiar examples of best erp for shopify:

  1. Erp – gterp program

The erp program is an established local gamatechno developer enterprise suite (ges) and affiliated with gadjah mada university (ugm), yogyakarta.

This is an integrated information system to facilitate the management of a company’s business.

Becoming one of Indonesia’s best erp programs, the gayo prise suite has a complete modules that can be used, the modules: GTHR (human resource management system), gtfinance (finance management system), gtasset (software management), gtinventory (software inventory), gtpos (post software).

The erp program is particularly suited for a variety of businesses such as mining, construction, retail, trading, manufacturing, hotels, food and products, real estate, education, government agencies, engineering, finance, logistics, and transport.

GTHR module (human resource management system)

Applications specifically created to enable companies to manage employee data.

By using this program, the company will know more about its employees and thus make it easier for human resources to make appropriate decisions in formulating resources strategies.

Gtfinance modules.

It is created for a company to manage its budget, finances, and accounting thoroughly.

GTCRM (CRM software)

A program created to make it easier to manage sales information, target acquisition information and information for customers in a company.

Gtga module (general affair software)

The program was created to simplify administration of a company and to reduce paper use that eventually helped companies to support the green company.

Gtasset module (asset software)

A program created to help a company manage existing assets.

Gtinventory module inventory

The program was used to record all transactions related to exchanges in stock from storage, especially for items of non-asset nature.

Gtpos (post software) module

The program is designed to help manage finances in a retail business.

Point of sales is like a portable transmitter, where it can be accessed anywhere and can support the bluetooth connection print

  1. Erp netsuite

The erp program is one of Indonesia’s most widely used erp programs. Why is that? One of the best erp programs in Indonesia, has many features in which a company can adjust to its business needs.

This, of course, makes this program an ideal use for all business circles. The erp program also has an advantage in accounting for finances as well as in auditing company expenses.

  1. Sage Inttact

Erp program, sage intp is an erp program that provides multiple modules in which features of financial management have been supported by the American institute of public-public governance (aicpa) for demographic public governance (CPA).

The program is equipped with video tutorials and guidelines on each step, making it easier for the user to use the program.

Sage intconsent has also separated user access controls, so it can be integrated with other applications complemented by erp processes such as online, CRM and travel management.

  1. “Brightpearl”

Brightpearl is an erp integrated program with other platforms such as amazon, bay, big commerce, shopify, and magento.

This program does much to help a company expand its business and set up a workflow in the back office.

The erp system in the brightpearl program has updated sales data in real time, so that when stock is less or less, the company will be able to intercept it directly.

  1. Erp odoo

The erp program has been integrated with web builders, online stores, postal, CRM and other sales applications.

Odoo erp is very helpful to a developing company, because it contains 1000 modules that the user can choose.

  1. Ecount erp

The erp program, ecount erp, has an accounting module that has been completed with accounting features such as credit and debt, cost accounting, and cash flow management.

The erp program will enable a company to conduct its business efficiently and accurately in the way of accounting for it.

In addition, the ecount erp program had the advantage of his 24-hour ministry by a professional team to help in any business that was in need.


The enterprise resource planning program is particularly helpful to a business for managing activities such as finance, production, sales, hr, projects, and so forth.

Because the above is described as several important examples of best erp for shopify as applications for companies in the present and future.

With the goal of a company can make rapid progress and progress.

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